Exhibition equipment catalogue

Equipment catalogue

The EuroexpoStand Company has a wide assortment of exhibition equipments and kits suitable for the simultaneous construction of exhibits with an area of more than 5,000 square meters. We offer the following for your consideration: household appliances, hangers, showcases, doors, backdrops, upholstered furniture, ceiling grills, prospectus holders, light fixtures, shelving, tables, cabinet bases, and racks. We have furniture that will make it possible to find the most precise solution when setting up an exhibition stand with a small area. Furniture made from chrome-plated metal is an excellent match for the metal components of an exhibition stand, is lightweight, and is easy to transport. We will select tables for you: cocktail, magazine, or glass, large office tables, and wood tables with laminated tops. We have chairs: barstools, adjustable-height chairs, chairs with soft coverings, and high-back chairs. We can offer kitchen equipment: refrigerators, dishwashers, and household appliances. We will design and build counters, reception desks, bar counters, and showcases to you specifications. We will place your logo or other information on standard showcases and reception desks. We will individually select all the furniture and accessories for you that match the design of an exhibition stand, and we will develop a general concept for outfitting a stand within the limits of your budget.

  • Order our catalog of standard exhibition equipment: info@euroexpostand.ru
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