Standard Building of Exhibitions and Exhibition Booths

The construction of exhibitions and exhibition booths for Russian and foreign companies is one of the EuroexpoStand team's important lines of work. At the heart of this line lies the Euroexpo holding company's many years of experience in the organization and development of its own exhibitions. Special company subdivisions, in which exhibition construction professionals work, assure the quality of the work carried out.

The EuroexpoStand company has a broad assortment of exhibition equipment and kits sufficient for the simultaneous building of exhibitions measuring more than 5,000 square meters.

How do you avoid getting lost in a multitude of competitors? How do you create an exhibition display that makes you stand out? How do you present your product or service at an exhibition? How do you talk about its quality, uniqueness, efficiency, and reliability without departing from your corporate style and company image? This is often a very difficult task, especially when funds are limited.

EuroexpoStand develops and designs projects and builds exhibition booths of all types: standard, non-standard and also exclusive exhibition booths.

Equipment for Exhibitions:

Examples of exhibition booth integration

A booth measuring 8-10 square meters

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