The construction of exhibitions, exhibition displays and also the design, planning and construction of exclusive exhibition booths is one of the most actively evolving activity sectors of the Euroexpo exhibition holding company.

The EuroexpoStand company was created for purposes of developing this sector within the holding company.

EuroexpoStand is:

EuroexpoStand possesses a unique manufacturing base and distinctly structured specialized departments that provide an individual approach to each project. There also are standard exhibition kits in the company's arsenal - the MERO R8, MERO R8+, MERO M12, which make it possible to build inexpensive and attractive non-standard exhibition booths.

The EuroexpoStand services have been certified and satisfy ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

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The design and construction of individual exhibition stands and custom-made displays – everything that EuroexpoStand touches is created with a high level of professionalism.
Place an order with us for the development, design, and construction of your exclusive, standard, or custom-made exhibition stands. At your request, we will also design and build exhibits and exhibition displays with a high level of professionalism.

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The Euroexpo Exhibition Holding Company was founded in 1995 for the purpose of promoting domestic and foreign companies on the Russian market by means of organizing their effective participation in exhibitions.

The primary thrusts of the activities of the Euroexpo Exhibition Holding Company are:

•  organizing exhibitions, presentations, and conferences;
•  building exhibition displays, and;
•  fabricating exhibition stands of any complexity.

Euroexpo has a wealth of experience in organizing and holding specialized exhibitions. Our exhibitions differ as far as subject area, as well as the makeup and number of participants and visitors, not to mention the times and places that they are held, but all our exhibitions have one thing in common – they are specialized exhibitions that make it possible for participants to establish business contacts and expand business relations.

Another actively evolving thrust of the activities of the Euroexpo Exhibition Holding Company consists of exhibit and exhibition display construction, as well as the design, planning, and construction of exclusive exhibition stands.
The EuroexpoStand Company was created within the makeup of the holding company for the purpose of developing this thrust. This company's primary objective consists of display and exhibit construction, which is supported by specialized subdivisions and the existence of an in-house production facilities.

Our returning customers for the design, construction, and decoration of exhibition displays are the Tourism Departments of Spain, Brazil, and Andorra, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Austria, the CCI of Finland, and the Italian Institute of Foreign Trade (ICE). Well-known Russian and foreign companies avail themselves of Euroexpo's services in the area of custom-made exhibition stand construction. The organizers of the Moscow World Fine Art Fair have become our permanent partners in the area of display construction.
    European quality is the style of the time. The Moscow exhibition company Euroexpo was among the first in the region to successfully introduce and certify a quality management system (QMS) pursuant to the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9000 within the BQI (Bureau Quality International) certification system.

Government organizations and international professional associations have attributed a high level of quality in the organization and holding exhibition events to the design and installation holding company Euroexpo. In August of 2000, Euroexpo became a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), and in December of 2001, it became and active member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

An exhibition stand is a showcase for any company that takes part in an exhibition. Exhibition stands create a first impression of your company, which is important under conditions of heavy competition. A beautiful exhibition stand can underscore the individuality of your business, and can increase your number of partners and clients.

We offer a full range of services in the construction of exclusive, standard, and custom-made exhibition stands, which includes: the preparation of an exhibition stand draft design; design follow-up during all stages; the performance of all the printing and art work associated with exhibition stand decoration, and; "turnkey" exhibition display construction.

When you deal with the EuroexpoStand Company, you can be certain of the originality, quality, and flawless execution of your exhibition stand. Our company's professional designers are abreast of the leading trends in the area of exclusive exhibition stand construction. They make optimum use of a site of any size, which allows them to fine-tune the company's work at an exhibition. A stand draft design that is created using a three-dimensional software makes it possible for you to see your future stand in detail.

We will provide an image of your stand with photographic precision from different angles, as well as graphic plan solutions of exclusive exhibition stands.

The EuroexpoStand Company has extremely formidable production facilities that include a design studio, a design-engineering department, a production department, an artistic decoration division, an exhibition stand and display construction division, a foreign construction division, and an engineering manager division.

The company's arsenal also includes standard exhibition kits – MERO R8, MERO R8+, and MERO M12, which affords the opportunity of building inexpensive and attractive custom-made exhibition stands. EuroexpoStand guarantees its clients that its work will be of high quality and that its deadlines will be met.

When building exhibition stands, we take the wishes of our clients into account, and we do everything possible to ensure that their stands are convenient and functional.

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