Exclusive Stands

An exclusive stand consists of an exhibi-tion stand that is ex-ceptional, inimitable, and unique in nature.

Year in and year out, thousands of companies take part in exhibitions devoted to the most diverse subjects and areas.

How do you avoid getting lost in a multitude of competitors? How do you create an exhibition display that makes you stand out? How do you present your product or service at an exhibition? How do you talk about its quality, uniqueness, efficiency, and reliability without departing from your corporate style and company image? This is often a very difficult task, especially when funds are limited.

But an exclusive exhibition construction division of the EuroexpoStand Company exists for achieving it.
All you have to do is express your wishes and limitations in a request for proposal, then our managers, designers, builders, and production department will work on creating a unique exhibition stand design. An individual approach, combined with the many years of work experience of all the company's specialists, make it possible for us to realize even the most challenging ideas in the area of exhibition construction, as well as to maintain an inalterable level of quality of the services provided.

Professionalism, an individual approach to each client, the high level of creativity of artistic projects, and a European quality of fabrication and installation – these are the fundamental principles that guide the EuroexpoStand Company's staff as it works on exclusive exhibition stand projects.

Companies and organizations such as TRANSNEFT, AEROFLOT, the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, and the chambers of commerce and industry, as well as the tourism committees, of Italy, Spain, Andorra, and other countries trust us to design and build exclusive exhibition stands.

The basis of our success – many years of work experience in the exhibition business and the high level of professionalism of our staff – makes it possible for us to design and build exclusive exhibition stands of any complexity, as well as custom-made exhibition displays starting at 1,000 square meters, at exhibition sites in Moscow and abroad.

An exclusive exhibition stand, a "calling card" for your firm, will help you be the center of attention, and will attract a host of clients and new business partners.

An exclusive stand is the embodiment of your firm's corporate style. It has its own original, interesting concept and is capable of attracting potential clients. An exhibition stand of this type can be made from glass, may resemble a large aquarium, can become a natural oasis within an exhibition complex, and may take the form of a snug, comfortable private home or a daring futuristic fantasy. In paying a call on your exclusive exhibition stand, visitors will be transported from the exhibition complex into a world that you yourself create. The company products on display can be turned into exclusive museum exhibits. Your exclusive stand will clearly distinguish you from the ranks of other expocenter structures. The exclusive design of the exhibition stand will transform a presentation area into a singular beacon that is conspicuous to every visitor. No one will pass it by, which is exactly what you want.

Created from unusual materials such as, for example, glass, aluminum trusses, polycarbonate, wood, stone, or fabric, exclusive exhibition stands help emphasize a commodity or a service. The most ordinary items can be presented in unusual and quite memorable ways. Within the EuroexpoStand Company, the exhibition stands are built by professionals. A structural design that our employees put together is not only original, but also reliable. An unusual exclusive exhibition stand that is well thought-out to the finest detail creates a special atmosphere and dramatically distinguishes your company from the competitors.

An exhibition is a holiday. And our entire team is sincerely delighted when our work makes this holiday even brighter.

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